Get creative with your Platinum exterior!

One of the reasons we love our Platinum models so much is the flexibility we have with the exteriors and the amazing number of siding options available.  No one offers as many choices as we do when it comes to factory-built tiny houses.  On any of our Platinum models, you can choose from James Hardie Cemplank lap siding (painted or hand stained in three different stain choices), Cempanel Board and Batt siding, Cedar, Split Log, Chinked Log, or a combination of all of them.  Get creative.  Mix the exterior options and colors.  Add a front and/or rear porch, screened or unscreened.  Choose your porch gable style.  Or if you prefer no porch, then choose from a box bay or a rounded bay front.  Select either white or brown window frames which can drastically change your look.  And create a masterpiece using your clerestory and prismatic window options. Take your clerestories all the way to the end for a tall, box look or setback the clerestories for a drop-down front and/or rear elevation.  Here’s our newest design – a double shed roof with painted board and batt siding, cedar trim, and four rows of brown stained split log wainscot. Click here to view some of our other popular tiny home and cabin exterior styles.  And just tell us which style you like, and we’ll help you option that into your custom design.