The Bigelow RV Park Model: Tiny House, Big Personality

Here’s a sneak peek of THE BIGELOW RV Park Model, our newest log cabin currently in production. RRC-Rockwall, Mike “Mr Tiny” Timmons, and Elite Cottages have had the pleasure of working with the Bigelows to custom build an amazing log cabin for them. They can’t wait to show off their new tiny house with a really BIG personality. Their vision, design ideas, and flair for luxury have created the most gorgeous cabin we’re ever seen. Wait until you see the new “Jimmy Walk” that connects the rear porch to the front rooftop terrace. And just look at this log porch railing. The pictures do not do it justice. The detail of the shaved log inside and out will blow you away. The cabin features so many new options from a pebble shower floor to a custom bench seat in the living room, and a murphy sofa. Stay tuned for more pictures as we complete the production and deliver their cabin. Mr. Tiny is going to be there each step of the way capturing every exciting moment. If you haven’t already subscribed to our You Tube channel, you’ll want to for this one!

Bigelow RV Park Model Bigelow RV Park Model Bigelow RV Park Model