Platinum Cottages Tumbleweed

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Platinum Cottages Tumbleweed Base Price: $46,246

Square Feet:  399

Box  Size:  15 x 36

Living Size:  1 BR/1 BA

Model Number: P-576FP and P576FPSL

Platinum Cottage’s Tumbleweed is the original wide park model. Wider than the traditional “12 wide” floorplans at 15′ wide, this model is a crowd favorite for its uniqueness and versatility. This model will fit a King sized bed in the bedroom with ease, no simple task in most park models. The kitchen and Living room is 1 large great room that is both spacious and very user friendly. This house is equally impressive with or without a loft, and the full width 15′ front porch is Amazing! The model is available with our without a loft.


Platinum Cottage's Tumbleweed

 The below floor plan is the P-576FPSL with a base price of $48,695.
Platinum Cottages Tumbleweed

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