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Visit our three stores to tour over 80 tiny homes and cabins for sale in a variety of styles and sizes.  We specialize in unique, factory-built farmhouses and cabins.
From rustic to industrial to contemporary and modern, we have something for everyone's taste and budget.
We deliver tiny houses under 400 square feet nationwide (regulations and restrictions vary by state) and our larger cottages and cabins from 600-2500 square feet
throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.  We are famous for our Rustic Ranch Cabins and the RRC Farmhouse Series.
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RRC HomeCo in Cumby, Texas

Visit our RRC-Homeco location in Cumby, Texas where we specialize in manufactured and modular home sales in East Texas, Oklahoma, and the Dallas metroplex.  Homeco offers tiny homes for sale, single-section and multi-section manufactured and modular homes, and
land-home packages.
RRC Rockwall in Rockwall, Texas

This location offers Platinum Cottages, our famous Rustic Ranch Cabins, Athens Park Homes, Oak Creek Homes, Skyline Homes, Buccaneer Farmhouses, and Tiny Towables. Come see a wide array of models ranging from 400 square feet up to over 2500 square feet. 
RRC Rockwall is the home of "Mr. Tiny"
RRC Athens in Athens, Texas

Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins in Athens, Texas carries Platinum Cottages, Cavlier Homes, Buccaneer Farmhouses, and our famous Rustic Ranch Cabins. Specializing in custom designs and unique features that transform the ordinary factory built home into a
one-of-a-kind build.

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