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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions by our customers. If you don't see your question below please feel free to use the contact form and we will get back to you in a timely manner. 
Q: What states do you deliver to?

A:  For the RV park models under 400 square feet, we can drop-ship deliver to most states in the continental United States. However, freight charges can be very expensive and will vary by location. Each state has its own delivery restrictions and requirements. When delivering through multiple states, the restrictions and requirements of each state must be considered. Before we can obtain a quote, we need to know which model you’re purchasing and what options you’re choosing. Height and width will affect the freight quote, as each state may require escorts, pole cars, and/or route surveys depending on the width and height. The roof pitch of the home will affect your overall height. Lofts require a higher roof pitch.
Please also note that freight rates change daily, so the freight company will only honor a quote for 2 weeks to 30 days max depending on the delivery location.
We will set your RV park model in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. We will bid setup in Missouri and New Mexico but will recommend you using a local installer.
For homes over 400 square feet, we can deliver and set in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma only with financing available. Outside of that four state region, we will drop-ship only on cash transactions paid in full at the time of order. And some distances may be too far for the builder to service/warranty.
Outside of the four-state region, you will need to contract with a local installer to spot, set, block, level, and tie down your home.

Q: Can I tow these with my own truck?

A: Though we do offer a line of smaller, custom tiny towables that can be towed with a one ton truck, the majority of what we build are “permitted loads” meaning that you need a toter truck and special permit to haul them due to their width and height. Plus, a regular truck will not support the weight of our RV park models and larger homes.
Included in our base price is delivery and set within 100 miles of the build site or any of our display model locations and storage facilities. Additional freight charges will apply for farther distances, but we will coordinate the delivery for you based on the parameters listed in the “what states do you deliver to” answer above.

Q: What is the cost for delivery past the 100 miles that’s included in the base price?

A: it varies greatly by location.  And freight rates fluctuate daily.  To obtain a quote we must know the delivery location and the width and height of what you are purchasing.  Freight quotes are good for 2 weeks to 30 days depending on your location, and some states require route surveys that must be paid for up front. So we need to wait until you’re ready to purchase to get an accurate freight quote. Call or email us when you’re ready for a quote.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes.  However, we do not currently have any finance sources for the larger homes (anything over 399 square feet) outside of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Q: What is the height of the loft?

A:  The height of the loft varies by model and the roof pitch you build your home with. The average loft height is 48-52″ tall at the center peak.  The RV code requires that the tallest point of the loft from the floor to the peak of the ceiling not exceed 59″ .  However, we are not able to build with a 59″ height due to shipping restrictions and bridge heights on the route.

Q: Where can I find a place to put my home?

A:  If you are looking for land in Texas, we can help. We have a realtor on staff who can assist you in finding land. We also keep a list of parks and communities that allow our homes. Outside of Texas, you will need to find land/park/community before purchasing the home.

Q: Can you build a home over 400 square feet with a loft?

A: No.  The HUD code does not allow lofts.

Q: What is the electrical requirement for these homes?

A: For the RV park model tiny homes, the standard is 50amp.  You can upgrade to 100amp.  The larger HUD homes come with a 200amp service.

Q: How do you connect these to utilities?

A:  Unless you get the 50amp service with a pigtail plug, the elctric is hardwired into the meter box. There are water and sewer drops for you to connect your utilities to.

Q: What type of a/c comes with these homes?

A:  For the RV park model tiny homes, you can choose between a ductless a/c and heat system with a condensor mounted on the end of the home, or you can have floor vents and ducts installed, and we’ll wire for an outside a/c unit with heat strips.
For the larger homes over 399 square feet, you have ducts typically in the ceiling with central air and heat.  The outside a/c unit which connects to the furnace inside the house is ordered at the time delivery and is installed by a licensed a/c installer familiar with manufactured homes.

Q: What is the difference in the builders you represent?

A: We offer a variety of different top-of-the-line product lines to serve a variety of needs.  While one builder may start at a more basic level without all the bells and whistles, the purpose they service is price-point. When you need the best price, you have to sacrifice some of the bells and whistles. Then we have our builders that start with high standards and don’t let you take out the bells and whistles.  The price is higher, but the options and flexibility for customization is unsurpassed. Each person needs something different, and we have hand-selected the best builders to fit each need. Call us with your specific situation, and we will direct you to the product line that makes the most sense for you.

Q: Can these homes withstand high winds?

A:  The RV park models have three hurricane straps built into the home.  The larger homes are built to the Wind Zone for your particular delivery location.  We build Wind Zone 1 and Wind Zone 2 homes.

Q: What is the difference between a tiny home and a RV park model?

A:  There is no true federal legal definition or classification for a tiny home.  Tiny means something different to everyone and the code they are built to, if any, varies by builder. The RV Park Models, however, are defined and built to the RV code. They are classified as Recreational Vehicles and in Texas are classified as RV Park Model trailers.  All of the RV park models we sell come with a RVIA sticker.

Q: Which location is best to go to?

A:  Each location has a wonderful selection of homes. Some are similar. Some are different. For a listing of models on display to compare, visit and

Q: What is the warranty on the house, how long does it last, and what does it cover?

A:  The warranty from the builder is a one year warranty with a 30 day cosmetic warranty.  However, many of the materials used in the construction of the home (depending on how you order it) are warrantied for longer periods of time by their manufacturers.  Recreational Resort Cottages provides a 7 year extended service contract through a third party with the sale of all of our homes except when used for rental or business purposes.

Q: How are these taxed?

A:  Taxes and titling varies by state and by size and building code.  Please check with your local tax office. For Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas, call us for more information.

Q: What are the zoning requirements for these homes? Can I put them anywhere?

A: You must check with your local Planning and Zoning Department in your city or county for zoning approval. It is a homeowner’s responsibility to check their zoning restrictions prior to purchasing.  We do not refund money or buy back houses for failure to check your zoning.

Q: What code are your homes built to?

A:  The smaller RV park models are built to the ANSI 119.5 building code which is the building code for RVs. The larger homes are built to the HUD code.

Q: Can you build a modular home?

A: We are a licensed Modular Builder in the state of Texas only.

Q: Why do I have to pay in full prior to delivery? How am I protected if something happens in delivery?

A: The home cannot be released for delivery until payment in full is received. The builder or finance source must be paid before they will release the home.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Our license and insurance information is available upon request.  We have been delivering multiple homes daily (except Sundays) since 2007.

Q: How soon can my home be delivered?

A: That depends on if you are purchasing a model inventory or custom building.  Build times fluctuate constantly. So you must ask at the time you place the order. Display models can be delivered much sooner, of course. If cash, we cannot schedule the delivery until you have paid in full for the home.  If financed, we need all conditions cleared, loan contracts signed, the full down payment, and authorization from the bank to schedule delivery.  Our delivery company is usually scheduled 2-3 weeks out and the weekend dates go fast. We do not deliver on Sundays.

Q: Will you handle my utility hookups, skirting, and/or on-site deck or porch construction?

A: if you are in Texas or Oklahoma and sometimes Arkansas or Louisiana, we can assist you with in-site add-ons.  If your delivery site is outside of the four-state region, you will need to hire a local contractor.

Q:  What is the shipping height of your homes?

A:  The height varies by builder and depends on the roof pitch you select.  For the RV park models with a 6/12 roof pitch the height is typically 15’4″ and with an 8/12 or 9/12 roof pitch it is 15’11” tall.  The larger homes will typically range from 15’10 – 15’11” tall.  If height is important to you, please make sure and ask the height of your specific model after you have chosen the roof pitch and options.
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