Our Story

Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins is the premier designer and distributor of RV park models, tiny houses, and factory-built cabins in all sizes.  With a vision for recreational living, our team of industry experts will help you create a unique home for your unique lifestyle.  Contact our team here.

Our company is family-owned and operated with a lifetime of experience. All of us have had lengthy careers in all aspects of the manufactured housing industry before dreaming RRC into existence. Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins was formed in 2007 after a tour of factory-built housing in RV resorts across the nation. We immediately fell in love with the relaxed lifestyle of independence and flexibility coupled with community. The park model owners were so full of joy, and we soon realized they had something that most people we knew were missing: freedom, relaxation, and community with like-minded people.

We wanted to offer an alternative to traditional housing that would allow people to share land without actually having to live together. We dreamed of parents living on the same land with their children, having their independence but with the security of family. For “Winter Texans”, a.k.a. “Snowbirds”, we provide the opportunity to own one home up north and one down south as the weather changes. For full-time RVers, our park models allow for a “home-base” with a full-size kitchen and full-size bathroom without the full-size payment. For the lake lovers, hunters, and fishermen, our cabins offered an affordable way to have a vacation home or hunting lodge.

What We Do

As the years went by and people came to us with different needs, we developed everything from offices to pool houses to student housing. We have a line of larger homes that stay true to the uniqueness of our park models and cabins while offering more square footage. Today we see a new desire among families to downsize; to get back to the basics of a simple life so you have the freedom to travel and have fun. As advocates of ‘thinking outside the box”, we love the opportunity to bring these families literally closer together.

Our homes range from tiny towable homes under 200 sq/ft to our traditional RV park models up to 400 sq/ft. Now, we also have a wide variety of homes and cabins ranging from 400 sq/ft to over 2500 sq/ft. The one thing they all have in common is our unique signature designs and finishes.

Our Locations

Adam, in Athens, and Rebecca, in Rockwall, have worked together for the last ten years. They have designed some of the most unique cottages and cabins possible and have ultimately provided guidance and housing to thousands of families. Tom has worked tirelessly to get them all delivered and installed. We have worked on some of the most exciting projects and have so many stories, pictures, and examples to share. Together, we have learned tons of lessons over the years. We can spare you a lot of headaches simply through our years of experience. No one knows RV park models, tiny homes, or factory-built cabins better than we do. Our families would love to share this experience with you. Come see what makes us so unique. Tour our creations in a friendly, no-hassle environment, and view our galleries of projects.