Recreational Resort Cottagess

Video Tours

​At Recreational Resort Cottages, we take great pride in our designs and want to share them with you.  Here, we’ve collected videos we’ve made ourselves of some of our model homes at our three locations.
For those of you who are interested in purchasing a home and aren’t able to make the trip
to our retail locations, this is a great way to view what we have to offer. 
If you don’t see a video of a particular floor plan you are interested in, let us know.

Click the links below to see playlists of the size and/or style home you are interested in!

Tiny Homes Under 400 Square Feet

Mid Sized Homes 400 to 1300 Square Feet

Multi Section Homes 1300 to 2500+ Square Feet

Lake Houses

Beach Style

Wheelchair Friendly


Specialty Homes

View playlists of our models that we have videos of in multiple styles! 

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